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Clementines Christmas Kit Re-build



Clementine came home to find her face painting kit had been taken from her home. A rotten time for the single mother of two who holds down multiple jobs to lose her face painting supplies. She has back to back jobs in only a handful of days and lots of Christmas parties on calendar. We have started a re-build Clementine's kit mission right here. We are collecting donations on her behalf. its as easy as buying a gift certificate and adding her name in the notes area. we are *not* doing a go fund me campaign at this time because of the fees incurred to run that utility. If you would like to buy a certain item from her list please make note of THAT on the gift certificate and we will mark it off the list. Her email to add to the order form is: wentir2@msn.com

God Bless you during this Holiday Season -- I know this means the world to Clementine!!


 this is what she lost and is trying to replace

  sponsored Neon rainbow.

peacock (arty brush)

the following were all tag brand;

sponsored white

sponsored black

sponsored metallic white

dark metallic blue

sponsored light blue

sponsored red

golden orange

sponsored regular orange

sponsored teal

sponsored light green

sponsored dark green

sponsored yellow

sponsored metallic rose

sponsored wine berry pink split

lilac purple split

sponsored neon yellow, magenta, green, and orange

Not sure of the one-stroke split cakes that are gone, ugh



sponsored snake

sponsored iris

sponsored magnolia

sponsored rose


The paints aren't even as bad as the brushes

I had so many big flat brushes for one strokes

liners, ugh at least 70 assorted brushes, this is overwhelming



sponsored silver glitter


sorry, i cant even begin to wrap my head around what else there might have been.